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Dance questions and answers by
George Denninger
Ballroom Dance Instructor
2109 Manor Rd.
Knoxville, TN. 37920

Q - Can anybody learn to dance? I have two left feet!

A - Dancing is a skill. While it is true that some people learn faster than others, everyone can learn to be more graceful.

Q - How much does it cost?

A - See the schedule at Dance Lessons

Q - Do I need special shoes?

A - While professional dance shoes are nice, they are not necessary. You need soles that do not grip the floor. Leather is preferred. Shoes need to have a back that hugs the heel. Rubber soles, flip flops and clogs will not work. For lessons, socks are fine.

Q - I have a special song. Can I dance to that?

A - Bring it with you on a CD and if it has a distinctive beat that you can hear, we probably can find an appropriate dance for it.

Q - What hours are you available for lessons?

A - Mon. & Tue. 9AM-9PM
Wed - Sat. 9AM - Noon & 7-9PM
Sunday eve. 7-9PM
Emergencies - Anytime

Q - When should I start?

A - Three months prior to the wedding or event is ideal so that you will become comfortable on the dance floor. If you've only got a week give me a call today.

Q - Can I purchase Dance Lesson Gift Certificates, or add Dance Lessons to my Gift Registry?

A - Yes. Please call to make arrangements. 636-256-6555

Q - Will my dress affect the dance?

A - Keeping the hem 1/2" off the floor all the way around will help prevent it from being stepped on.

Q - How often should I attend class?

A - That depends on your schedule. Once or twice a week should be sufficient and give you time to practice on your own.

Q - How many lessons do I need?

A - That depends on your goals and how fast you learn. I will teach you as fast as you can absorb it. Do you just want to make a good showing and add some elegance to you entry? - 4 to 6 hours. Do you want to learn several moves or a few dances so that you can command the floor? - 6 to 10 hours.

Q - What if I need to reschedule a lesson?

A - Please call 24 hours ahead if possible.

Q - Is there any guarantee? What if this is not the right thing for me?

A - If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the introductory class in the first 15 min. you can walk away with no obligation.